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The Beneficial Effects of Mobile massage - Quotes

 NOTE:* All mobile Call out services are 60 mins minimum.
"In a survey of Reebok International employees who received regular on-site massages, 98 percent said massage helped reduce stress at work and 92 percent said massage increased alertness, motivation and productivity.

Studies have shown that implementing health strategies results in reduced absenteeism, increased retention of people in the job and increased productivity"

The Age, March

"Employers would not give employees a benefit like this unless they saw a clear return on their investment. Those companies saw massage as an inexpensive opportunity to improve the bottom line, and they took it."

Medscape, September

"Massage doesn't just feel good. Research shows it provides such real-world benefits as reduced heart rate, lower blood pressure, increased blood circulation, and a better range of motion."

Healthwatch, November

"Seated massage is booming in Australia as more and more business leaders are realising the importance of staff health and morale"

Prevention, December

"After massage, office workers completed a math test more quickly and with fewer errors".

Life Magazine, August

Mobile Call Out for Couples Massage


Couples massage is one of the hottest services available in the industry right now. Two people are massaged in the same room, at the same time, by either two different therapists or one therapist massaging one at a time. It can be a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, same-sex partners,mums and daughters, best friends and even business associates and partners.

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For information on the benefits and Etiquette on couples massage please go to our blog entry 

Corporate, Workplace and Event Mobile/Call Out Massage Service









Extract from Natural Therapy Pages

While massage is often associated with a spa, retreat or similarly dedicated venue, employers are beginning to realise the benefit of having qualified practitioners visit their workplace.

Even a brief shoulder massage can help ease the strain of hours spent at a workstation or in endless meetings. Working at a computer is a major contributor to back, neck and shoulder discomfort, not to mention the strain put on our eyes, wrists and hands. This is a result of a number of factors, including poor posture, poor ergonomics in workstation design and extended periods spent sitting.

Massage makes people more relaxed and they are very likely to be more productive – so everyone benefits! Mobile practitioners can also help to take the stress out of other settings, including special occasions such as weddings, events and anniversaries.

The full benefits of 'seated chair' or 'corporate' massage are extensive however it is a simple and often cost effective way to:

  • Show staff you care
  • Relieve stress and tension
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve company morale
  • Lower health care costs
  • Reduce absenteeism

On an individual level productivity and efficiency is increased through:

  • Relief to muscle tension and headaches
  • Increased focus and mental clarity
  • Increased company loyalty and morale
  • Increased energy and circulation
  • Increased mobility in the spine and limbs
  • Reduced stress and increased tolerance to pressure
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Increased postural awareness
  • Increased immune response helping to resist colds and infections
  • Prevention and therapeutic treatment of repetitive strain injuries
  • Increases endorphins

Home Call Out Mobile Massage Service




Mobile Home Massage services are provided by Mackay Body Rejuvenation Centre  for clients who are either unable to attend a Massage Clinic or find it more convenient to have a treatment at their own home.

Elderly or convalescing people could find this to be a very useful option, as would the parents of young children who do not have child care.

Services are also offered at Motels, Resorts and some hotels for business people and visitors (people on holiday) and this can be arranged through our online booking service or by calling the centre on 07 4942 0783.

Therapists are qualified in Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Swedish Massage  and Pregnancy Massage.

Mackay Body Rejuvenation Centre Mobile Massage therapists supply their own massage table, oils, and towels and will advise beforehand of any other requirements, such as a warm room. Clients will be requested to be appropriately attired, in accordance with the style of therapy that is being supplied.

 There are numerous advantages of having a massage in your own home.

  • You are able to relax in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of your own home.
  • No stress of having to drive through  traffic to get to you appointment.
  • No need to worry about parking (or parking fees).
  • Saves money on petrol and car running costs.
  • Mums can continue with their schedule daily chores, picking up children,shopping etc without breaking routine
  •  Full benefit of your massage is gained by being able to relax straight after your treatment and not have to eliminate all the great work of your therapist by getting back into your car in a drowsy condition.

Mobile Call Out Services the Areas we cover

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Mackay Body Rejuvenation Centre's mobile call out service for massage therapy and couples massage is provided North East South and West of Mackay and includes the City Centre.

 Areas we extend to: ( see map) 

Shoal Point | Bucasia | Rural View | Eimeo | Dolphin Heads | Blacks Beach | Nindaroo | Beaconsfield | Slade Point | Mackay Harbour | Andegrove |Richmond | Glenella | Mount Pleasant | Erakala | Foulden | North Mackay | Cremorne | Mackay City | Racecourse | West Mackay | Paget | Ooralea | South Mackay | East Mackay | Bakers Creek | Dumbleton

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What our clients say about us


A Client tells her Healing Story

Hi my name is Tara and treatment with Underarm and Brazilian hair removal. I am really happy with the results and I don’t get any more hair growing.  I found the service to be very professional and ethical and would highly recommend anyone wanting to do IPL Hair removal with Nicole at Mackay Body Rejuvenation Center ago.

I love it and wished I’d done it years ago. - Tara Robertson 

I have had 7 treatment with Nicole for IPL hair removal and I am so very  happy with the result.

I don’t need to shave or wax anymore. Thank you Nicole-Deb Shaw

Hi Nicole , I am just letting you know how great...I felt after the recent Reiki treatment,it was amazing how I could be taken on a spiritual journey I felt so connected to my spirituality .. You where able to make me feel very safe the healing was more than I expected that day ..Thank you love and peace Elizabeth Gibson

My name is Tony and I am a local contractor. Due to the nature of treatments from Nicole at Mackay Body Rejuvenation Center including Bowen therapy and massage I find it helps me get through my weeks work. For the level of service I have received over the years I would give Nicole a score of 10 out of 10. Thank you from Tony

I came to Nicole with really bad lower back problems. I found that the treatments massage and bowen therapy helped me and was happy with the treatments I received. I would recommend using the services to anyone. Darren Gauci

Good morning Nicole. A message saying thank you for the treatment yesterday. I had the best nights sleep last eve I had in a long time. Pat on back and a big gold star. JenniferJust letting you all know I have been going to Nicole for over 2 years now and would publicly like to thank her. She is a very caring, understanding professional. I have received IPL treatments from Nicole and found for the first time in years I can go out without first plucking the hairs out of my chin and upper lip … this treatment has really reduced the amount of hair growth that I have. I have had back massage treatment from Nicole when my back has been really painful… the pain was relieved to nil. Recently I had to drive to Gympie to attend my mother’s funeral- this would not have been possible due to my back pain however thanks to Nicole’s treatment I was able to attend. Thank You Jackie Hampson, Mackay

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