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Mackay Body Rejuvenation Centre

The ultimate in wellness, relaxation and freedom from the day to day challenges of life

Located on the beautiful north coast of Queensland, The Mackay Body Rejuvenation Centre is located in Mackay,not to far out from the heart of Mackay's business,shopping and entertainment precinct.

The Mackay Body Rejuvenation Centre offers a variety of Body Rejuvenation treatments for those looking to briefly escape the ravages of day to day challenges and capture a moments relief, peace and relaxation.Neglecting ourselves is often the main cause of anxiety, tiredness, worry and many other conditions. These conditions effect our level of performance in everything we do and our quality of life. To maintain a peak condition in our work and family life we need to take care of both our body and minds.

Taking care of ones body and relaxing the mind and body creates an awareness of how essential it is to develop a ryhthm of self-care that will truly support you and your ability to function in a way that is not so affected by the daily work and family demands and pressures.

Mackay Body Rejuvenation Centre offers you that space whilst engaging in relaxing, relieving treatments and therapies.

Book online or by phone on 07 4942 0783- inhouse or mobile call out therapies and treatments available.

As of  Monday 8th July will be moved to 156 Balnagowan Mandurana Rd, Mackay, which is 8 mins drive from the Mt Pleasant Bruce Hwy, 3 kms past Farleigh.

 It is a direct straight drive with no traffic. It will be situated in a lush, peaceful, tropical area surrounded by nature and a great escape from the busyness of life.

Mackay Body Rejuvenation Centre, 156 Balnagowan Mandurana Rd, Mackay, Qld, 4740, Australia
156 Balnagowan Mandurana Rd
Mackay Qld 4740 Australia

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0421 006 917

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What our clients say about us


A Client tells her Healing Story

Hi my name is Tara and treatment with Underarm and Brazilian hair removal. I am really happy with the results and I don’t get any more hair growing.  I found the service to be very professional and ethical and would highly recommend anyone wanting to do IPL Hair removal with Nicole at Mackay Body Rejuvenation Center ago.

I love it and wished I’d done it years ago. - Tara Robertson 

I have had 7 treatment with Nicole for IPL hair removal and I am so very  happy with the result.

I don’t need to shave or wax anymore. Thank you Nicole-Deb Shaw

Hi Nicole , I am just letting you know how great...I felt after the recent Reiki treatment,it was amazing how I could be taken on a spiritual journey I felt so connected to my spirituality .. You where able to make me feel very safe the healing was more than I expected that day ..Thank you love and peace Elizabeth Gibson

My name is Tony and I am a local contractor. Due to the nature of treatments from Nicole at Mackay Body Rejuvenation Center including Bowen therapy and massage I find it helps me get through my weeks work. For the level of service I have received over the years I would give Nicole a score of 10 out of 10. Thank you from Tony

I came to Nicole with really bad lower back problems. I found that the treatments massage and bowen therapy helped me and was happy with the treatments I received. I would recommend using the services to anyone. Darren Gauci

Good morning Nicole. A message saying thank you for the treatment yesterday. I had the best nights sleep last eve I had in a long time. Pat on back and a big gold star. JenniferJust letting you all know I have been going to Nicole for over 2 years now and would publicly like to thank her. She is a very caring, understanding professional. I have received IPL treatments from Nicole and found for the first time in years I can go out without first plucking the hairs out of my chin and upper lip … this treatment has really reduced the amount of hair growth that I have. I have had back massage treatment from Nicole when my back has been really painful… the pain was relieved to nil. Recently I had to drive to Gympie to attend my mother’s funeral- this would not have been possible due to my back pain however thanks to Nicole’s treatment I was able to attend. Thank You Jackie Hampson, Mackay

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